This is a handwritten cover note to the transcript of William Sanjour's speech of May 6, 1982. It is from Don Lazarchik of the Pennsylvania DER to Steve Wassersug of EPA Region 3 who forwarded to Pete Bibko, the Region 3 EPA Administrator who forwarded it in turn to EPA Assistant Administrator Rita Lavelle (who later tried to get Sanjour and Kaufman fired and ended up in jail for perjury).  Note that contrary to Lazarchik, the newspaper actually identified me as "a disgruntled official of the EPA".   W.S.

from the desk of . . .

                DONALD A. LAZARCHIK, P.E.


Steve Wassersug

Please read this & show it to Pete Bibko. All of the press reports following Sanjour & Kaufman's Penna. Appearances identifies them as EPA "spokesmen". They have now appeared in Meadville, Altoona, Lancaster, & York. It is hurting us more than you can imagine.

Don Lazarchik
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources

To Rita Lavelle
Pete Bibko

William Sanjour's home page

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