1190 N. Vermont Street,  Arlington, Virginia 22201

March 25, 1991

President Derek Bok
Harvard University
Mass. Hall
Cambridge, MA 02138

Dear President Bok:

I am writing to complain about the extremely bad scholarship, bordering on fraud, shown in a book by a member of the Harvard faculty. The book is The Environmental Protection Agency: Asking The Wrong Questions, by Professor Marc Roberts of the Harvard Public Health School and two others. Professor Roberts and his colleagues, have shown negligent indifference for the normal standards of checking facts. If Professor Roberts has received any credit for this book as a work of scholarship from Harvard University, then the University has indeed been defrauded.

I have intimate first hand knowledge of the events written about in chapter four. The authors have cited me several times, mentioned me several more times (in most derogatory terms) as being an important actor in the events covered, yet they never interviewed me or attempted to obtain my views.

Many of the most important "facts" on which they build their case are outright wrong and can easily be demonstrated to be wrong. I have documented this in the attached review of chapter four.

Particularly offensive is the allegation that I fought against the weakening of environmental protection regulations in order to protect myself from being fired, when in fact I chose to sacrifice, what had been up to that time, an outstanding government career, in order to try to protect the public from a politically motivated "hatchet job" on the hazardous waste regulations.

I hope, after reviewing the attached comments, you will see to it that Professor Roberts is suitably admonished.

Sincerely  yours,
William Sanjour


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